Moving over to Radds 1.5 + Raps128 drives - need bit of advice pls

Hi all,

New to forum so nice to meet you all.  :)

I have a home designed and built printer, which was running Gen6 board plus Marlin. I was thinking of using the Repetier Firmware and the configuration tool but some of the parametres I don't understand. I was wondering if some of you could help me fill in the gaps?

First of all my printer uses dual nema17' for both Y axis and Z axis, single for X Axis. All linear rails, AL/steel construction, very stable, very fast, very accurate, but a touch noisey which I use mainly for engineering prototype parts in ABS.

Have to admit not the greatest with electronics but do okay so please bear that in mind.  :(
One is working on that though.

My main question is this, there are several parameters in the configuration tool which I do not understand and also how or what is the best way to set this style of printer up using Radds 1.5 board + raps128 drives with Repetier Firmware? I would also like to use a SSR to control bed heating(12v), and use a dual PSU 12/24v.

Main bit I'm clueless with so far:
1. Z correction; Not using this or Z-probe at all I just don't need it. Once set it never changes. Just leave section alone?
2. Delay Stepper High Signal; I am using raps128, nema17 - what setting do I use?
3. Opto endstops; I did want to use these but it only mentions Hall or Micro. Can one assume the setup is for hall 3.3v, Gnd, n min/max. Four wires two ground, one signal, the other I assume is for LED power?
4. Setting up Bed Heater; Can I use the Heater PMW Speed for the SSR? If so is 15hz okay?
5. Did not see in tool where to set Bed sensor type, I may be being thick here sorry?

Plus anything else someone has experience wise would be very much appreciated. I was fine with Marlin as most parameters had comments but configuration .h does not and hence a bit stumped.

Any help is very much welcomed. Thanks :)

regards IE


  • 1. Don't select z-probe/distortion correction/autolevel if you don't need. That is fine. My bes printer also do not need it.
    2. 0 - Raps128 are fast enough to not need delays.
    3. ? Endstops have 3 wires. For opto endstops select electronic endstop.
    4. No. PWM is not meant for SSR I think. Use Bang-Bang instead. With real SSR you can use normal version otherwise use with delay. That way you get the least changes. Bed temperature is not that critical.
    5. In tools section enable "Enable heated bed support (HAVE_HEATED_BED)" and it will appear.
  • Hi,

    Thank you kindly for the reply.

    Opto's on mine have 4 but I think two are ground so effectively 3 as you say. :)

    Not at the point of uploading firmware yet, still wiring at the moment so will be a while before I try it out.

    I love the host software and have used it for a long time, if the firmware turns out the same I will certainly add another donate. ;)

    kind regards

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