Prusa MMU 2.0 in Repetier?

I just saw the new MMU 2.0 material changing unit on the Prusa printers and am very interested to bring that device to my own printer. Is there or will there be support for it in Repetier firmware?


  • At the moment there is no support. Once I get my MMU and firmware V2 is in further progress I will see what it needs and if I will add support for it. Most important will be to learn how to talk to the extra hardware. With V2 being modular I think it will be possible sooner or later. But first I want to know what this all includes.
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    Is ther any update in this case? I also own a mmu2 and like to use it with repetier ;)
  • No, not supported and it will stay at least for a while until v2 development is further developed.
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