Progress bar error withRepetier Host printing

The progress bar is not working (comes always back to 0%) if I'm printig via Repetier Host.  If I print via SD the progress bar is working Fine.

Video on 4Shared, bechasuse i can't upload it here.
Repetier firmware: 1.0.3
Repetier Host: 2.1.3


  • What is your printer connector used in Host?
    Looking into the code it is sending 

    M532 X<percentage> L<layer>

    Can you log it and search for M532 to see what is sending in your case. Maybe it is not using the right format for X so it becomes something like 6,3 also it should use the default . as I did not set a special format there.

  • I have my printer conected via an USB Cable tu my pc (Repetier Host.
    I've searched for the code M532.  I thing Repetier Host is sending worong the information.

    20:20:59.339 : N261 M532 X0 L1*55
    20:20:59.585 : N262 G1 X124.159 Y134.256 E36.37200*90
    ........ (a lot of code)
    20:21:01.994 : N282 M532 X0 L1*58
    ...... (a lot of code)
    20:21:05.385 : N322 M117 ETE 55m 48s*65  (the ETE is working fine)
    ... (a lot of code)
    20:21:57.502 : N389 M532 X1,8 L1*37  (nice!!! 1%)
    20:22:11.568 : N408 M117 ETE 54m 41s*70
    20:22:11.773 : N409 G1 F2280 X93.249 Y57.328 E194.43260*0
    20:22:11.773 : N410 G0 X93.55 Y57.064 F7320*119
    20:22:13.243 : N411 M532 X0 L1*54 (ooops.... 0%...)
    Then, i stopped the print...

    Any idea why repetier Host is doing this?
    shall I post a new question in repetier Host forum?
  • No extra thread required. Now I know about the problem. Will test my self. After having seen the source i'm curious what will be the reason or if I do not get it.

    One more question - are you sending directly from host or are you printer over the server. The later case might explain why it goes back to 0. Server would send right values host the wrong as it does not know the percentage. WOuld be an explanation at least.
  • I'm printing directly from Repetier Host to the Printer.
    Repetier firmware: 1.0.3
    Repetier Host: 2.1.3
  • I just wanted to let you know that I have the same problem occuring here with Repetier Host 2.1.3 ;-) Also Repetier Host seems to use decimal commas instead of decimal points as separators, which the Repetier Firmware doesn't understand.
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