Heated chamber monitoring...

Hey, so first off, thanks for all the work to repetier over the years. I'm running a dozen printers with Server Pro and couldn't live without it.

My main question is to do with the "has heated chamber" setting...

What does that actually do?

I have all my printers in enclosures with an arduino based thermostat controlling and exhaust fan that exhausts the hot air and pulls in fresh air to keep the chamber at a specific temperature, it works great, but often I want to see that temp, or adjust the temp range from Server... Eg. Sometimes I want it between 30-35c and sometimes I want it between 60-70c. 

Ideally I'd like to have the enclosure fan hooked up to a spare output on my MKS board (like D7), and a temp sensor hooked up to a spare temp sensor header (like A13). And I can then set the heat limit on Repetier server (in the same little drop down as my bed, extruder, and chamber if turned on), and if A13 reads higher than that limit, the fan will kick on via D7 until it is, say 5c below that limit. 

Is this something that could be added? It really doesn't seem to be that difficult. The thermostat controlled fan setting seems useful, but doesn't let me adjust the temp range from server easily, and doesn't display the temp either. 

I would really appreciate some help here as I am in the middle of upgrading all my machines. I know a lot of other people are using similar systems and it could be a real selling point for Repetier. 

Thanks so much!


  • Server supports heated chambers. It will set temperture using M141 Sxxx. In fimrware temperature report chamber temperature should get reported using C: or C0: in newer versions just same format as for bed. You will then see a chamber icon next to bed icon in top toolbar.
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