RPI3 + Waveshare 7 inch touchscreen display + Repetier-Host

Hi, can someone tell me if it's possible to use this touchscreen display  with raspberry pi 3 b+ as external display for control the 3d printer? I seen a video about that but there's no information!!! could you give me a link to install drivers, codes ecc?


  • Display vendor should provide instuctions and drivers for his display.
    In general there are 2 solutions:
    1. Vendor offers a image with x server. Then you can install our linux package and configure your x window to start chromium in kiosk mode with our touch interface as start page. 
    2. Use our pi image and install the display drivers. Latest image has 4.14 kernel and stretch debian (rasbian) as system.

    If you have a description and drivers from vendor homepage I'd try 2. first as our image has many extra configs.
    For 1.0 you need to find out some things about autostart in the used window manager of that distro and need to add extras like webcam server your self. Nothing too fancy.

    If you use the official pi 7" touchscreen our image will work out of the box. Not the cheapest display but it has at least capacitive touch sensors and is fairly fast as it uses hdmi.
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