Need help please, delta printer homing issue

Hi everyone.
I'm new to this forum so if I made any mistake I'm sorry
I need some help regarding the homing of a 3d delta printer, and it's my first attempt to create a 3d printer by scratch.
My problem is regarding the homing, when I do the homing 2 out of 3 endstop work properly but 1(always one) doesn't work properly(see video).
While the support is hitting the endstop, it moves a little back like the others, but then move up again and doesn't stop 'til I do it manually.
there is someone that have some idea to solve the issue? Hope everything is clear enough, otherwise ask me :)
Thank you in advance.


  • I don't see a back move here all I see is jitter from lost steps.
    All end stops are max endstops. Move all up so endstop light is on and run M119 in console. It shoudl now show x,y, and z max endstop being high. If not your endstop configuration is wrong e.g. not connected to the pin you defined in configuration.h.
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