Loss of extruder control with new Manual Control GUI

Hi guys, I'm just inquiring if there is a way to change extrusion/retraction speeds in manual control in the new Repetier versions.  

Back in version 0.95F, I was able to set the speed and distances of manual extrusions and retractions (useful for doing careful "cold pulls" to clean my extruder nozzle).  Now the extrusion/retraction section has been turned into a button, and there is a gear symbol within it, but it doesn't seem to do anything.  Retractions occur at very fast speeds that I need reduced temporarily.

Is there any way to access this or revert to manual controls seen in 0.95F (I understand the easy answer is just to use 0.95F, but I am otherwise happy with the new version of Repetier for stability reasons).

Not a veteran forum user, please let me know if I should post this somewhere else or any other constructive criticism.  Thanks in advance.


  • Sorry, but you have to live with the 3 speeds you define in printer settings. For normal extruder handling with these 3 speeds is enough and it makes the interface more compact and for most cases faster. Sorry to hear that your case is not included, so you have to go ove rprinter settings to chenge speeds.
  •    Thanks a lot for the reply.  You made me realize that one workaround would be to make custom scripts that send G-code that represent what I'm trying to do with the old buttons.

      I didn't realize the manual control was allowing 3 speeds, I thought it was only 3 or 4 different extrusion lengths.  I can see where you guys are taking it; its always good to make things more compact and faster.  I may stick with V0.95F for now because I am working with many new materials and need faster control of extrusion. 

      A bit of constructive criticism (take it or leave it) coming from a somewhat novice 3D printing user is that having manual extrusion control so close to machine jog controls increases the chance for an accidental extrusion (especially when first learning the new firmware). Perhaps not a big deal for most.  

      Regardless I love the software and what you guys are doing.   Keep up the great work.

    -Dr. B
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