Printer rebooting every time i try to print lithophane (from SD card)

I'm having an issue with printing lithophanes from my Tevo Tornado. Every time i select the file to print from the SD card it goes back to the home screen (partially covered by SD card files) and then begins to reboot. 

I've tried slic3r and cura with different settings and still no luck. Only time it works is when i have my computer directly connected to the printer, but this causes the printer to randomly stop for a few seconds as my computer lags behind. 

So far i've looked for answers and have had no luck finding anyone with the same problem. Please let me know if you have any idea what might be causing this and how I can fix it. Thanks.


  • This is a problem in the firmware I think. You start it from firmware and it reboots which is not expected behaviour. Should not depend on generated gcode. But that is not our firmware so I can not say much about that. Either firmware has a problem or sd card gets read wrong or a command causes power to drop so it restarts e.g. bed taking to much power causing a power loss.

    When you run from usb the usb also powers the printer board. Maybe that is the difference helping the board not to brown out. So try form sd card with usb connected as well as test.

    You can also reduce print to the beginning to see which part causes the reboot. If it is short enough it will not reboot and a bit more it will reboot. then you know the trouble gcode is in the new lines.
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