M117 messes up next G-code line

Hi, I'm running into this issue when using Repetier-Host with Marlin firmware:
N17 M300 P30 *69
N18 M0 Insert 3mm Flat Endmill *74
M117 Auto homing
N18 G28 *10
N19 G1 Z5.000 F300.000 *42
Error:Line Number is not Last Line Number+1, Last Line: 18
Resend: 19
Resend: N19 G1 Z5.000 F300.000 *42
From what I understand, the M117 has no line number and checksum in order to work properly with Marlin, which is fine (it does indeed work). However, the line after the M117 gets the wrong line number, colliding with the line before the M117. You can see in the above output that the G28 was never executed.

Is there a fix or workaround for this? For now, I'll have to filter out all M117s from my G-code which is not ideal.



  • Which host version do you use. Checking 2.1.3 it looks like it would send M117 with line number. Older versions seem to have omitted line numbers.

    What is more interesting in your sample is that you have 2 different lines N18. Does your source contain line numbers?
  • I'm using Repetier-Host Mac 1.1.0.

    My source does NOT contain line numbers. That's why I've submitted this bug: my Repetier-Host numbers the line before and after the M117 with the same number (and therefore never executing the 2nd one).
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