configuration tools drive systems

Arduino configuration H file  says i am using Drive system 2 I know it is CoreXY but don't know Which coreXY is system 2 when choosing drive type in the Repetier configuration tool  and if it makes any real difference would assume one of the two Z axis rather then the Y axis  so as i can change in Arduino any ideas?


  • Config tool shows the mathematical equation for the type.

    No idea what your sentence with z axis should tell me.
  • decide the best way was to take a guess looks like was the 2nd Corexy selection  :>)  when i opened the Config H said system 2 choose wisely. thanks :>)

    No i am making a new config H for the 2nd and 3rd extruder.  The extruders are working separately Need to work in the 2nd and 3rd one heater (one nozzle ) Diamond type after all 3 extruders are working
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