Custom Kinematics

Hello there,

Im currently building a printer with custom kinematics. The hardware is almost done, however, Im currently banging my head against a wall, trying to make it move as i should.
The kinematics go as such, the Z and Y axis are simple enough, resembling a Cartesian style of printer, the only twist being that there is only 1 Z motor, and 2 Y motors that work intend um. 
It is with the X axis, that stuff gets somewhat interesting, since the Y and X are connected via the carriage and thus need to move to account for each other. 
It is somewhat similar to markforges mechanism, except with dual Y motors, heres a screenshot;

I would really appreciate any and all help, I can get in my endeavor, especially given that this will eventually be an open source design, and I am terrible at coding.

pls halp 


  • There is a easy and not so easy solution. Easy solution is using the upcoming V2 firmware:

    The corexyz definition allows defining the formula in definition, so it will be able to handle all possible linear combinations. Drawback is that not everything is finished. No lcd and bed leveling is in work.

    The not so easy solution is to use fast corexy as control solution. There you can quite easily modify the computation in this function in motion.cpp

    #ifdef FAST_COREXYZ

    uint8_t transformCartesianStepsToDeltaSteps(int32_t cartesianPosSteps[], int32_t corePosSteps[]) {


        //1 = z axis + xy H-gantry (x_motor = x+y, y_motor = x-y)

        corePosSteps[A_TOWER] = cartesianPosSteps[X_AXIS] + cartesianPosSteps[Y_AXIS];

        corePosSteps[B_TOWER] = cartesianPosSteps[X_AXIS] - cartesianPosSteps[Y_AXIS];

        corePosSteps[C_TOWER] = cartesianPosSteps[Z_AXIS];


        // 2 = z axis + xy H-gantry (x_motor = x+y, y_motor = y-x)

        corePosSteps[A_TOWER] = cartesianPosSteps[X_AXIS] + cartesianPosSteps[Y_AXIS];

        corePosSteps[B_TOWER] = cartesianPosSteps[Y_AXIS] - cartesianPosSteps[X_AXIS];

        corePosSteps[C_TOWER] = cartesianPosSteps[Z_AXIS];


        // 8 = y axis + xz H-gantry (x_motor = x+z, z_motor = x-z)

        corePosSteps[A_TOWER] = cartesianPosSteps[X_AXIS] + cartesianPosSteps[Z_AXIS];

        corePosSteps[C_TOWER] = cartesianPosSteps[X_AXIS] - cartesianPosSteps[Z_AXIS];

        corePosSteps[B_TOWER] = cartesianPosSteps[Y_AXIS];


        //9 = y axis + xz H-gantry (x_motor = x+z, z_motor = z-x)

        corePosSteps[A_TOWER] = cartesianPosSteps[X_AXIS] + cartesianPosSteps[Z_AXIS];

        corePosSteps[C_TOWER] = cartesianPosSteps[Z_AXIS] - cartesianPosSteps[X_AXIS];

        corePosSteps[B_TOWER] = cartesianPosSteps[Y_AXIS];


        corePosSteps[A_TOWER] = cartesianPosSteps[X_AXIS];

        corePosSteps[B_TOWER] = cartesianPosSteps[Y_AXIS];

        corePosSteps[C_TOWER] = cartesianPosSteps[Z_AXIS];


        return 1;



  • Thank you immensely, I was searching for such a solution on forums and firmwares like Marlin and such for far to long to no avail, but now I think, I can finally see the light of day with this project and soon put it to rest for good. 
    For now I will try the harder solution, however I am as excited as any to see the future version of repetier and the benefits it brings. I also, hope I can count on such support in the near future, for there will be no doubt a plethora of rookie mistakes in my code along the way.

    And in the time it took me to write this, I remembered also, that I don't know a way to assign 2 stepper channels to the Y axis..............
  • You can assign 2 drivers to each axis just by activating the mirror option in config tool. Then it asks for the second driver to use.
  • Thank You!
    I want build printer at this kinematics.
    And hope what You will add this kinematics in new version FW.
    Thank You!
  • In new version it is already implemented. There you can just set the linear combination required with any factor combining x, y and z to motors a, b, c if I use oyur image as reference.
  • Thanks!
    In configuration tool I can choose this kinematics? In future. Not now.
    Mechanical parts of my printer may by ready after New Year. 
  • When I write a config tool then yes. But firmware will be finished a good time before config tool will be available.
  • Hi!
    Have new question. 
    1.04 dev - don't work X endstop. 
    1.03 - all OK.
    How to fix it?
    I'm looking for use 1.04 - LA and bedleveling more best than in 1.03.
  • Did you update recently? There was a bug with end stop testing that might cause this. It is fixed but if you did not update the last weeks you may still have it.
  • Ok! I'll download last version and test it.
    Thank You!
  • edited June 2020
    I try use updated 1.04 version. In this kinematics X endstop so don't work.
    So printer run at 1.03 version (Arduino Due, SMART RAMPS).
    In the other printer (Ultimaker, MKS GEN L 8 bit) 1.04 work very fine. 
  • Haven't changed endstop handling between 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 so that is strange. Are the end stop settings identical? Does M119 report signals correctly? Maybe the direction is interpreted the other way around due to your kinematics? So min is tested for max move.
  • I was find my mistake at moition.cpp when compared with worked version.
    Endstops now work properly.
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