webcam stops

Hi i have a problem with my webcam, on my 1, Printer the Webcam runs without any prob, but the second cam a QuickCam Pro5000 starts normal but after some seconds the cam stops and after starting webcam again, the same happens...


  • What happens if you call the "bad" webcams mjpg stream directly in a browser - does it also stop. The question here is which software is causing the problem. Server proxies the stream and normally on connection lost at least in latest 0.90.7 release it should try to reconnect. If it is mjpg_streamer that stops sending there i snot much we can do. You could then check /var/log/syslog if there are any hints on the reason why it stops.
  • I have looked in the syslog and did found nothing. I think it will be the driver. I try another cam the days.
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