My extruder stepper motor will not work!!!

Hi all

I am new at this and am running a Rostock V2 printer, recently my extruder stepper motor jammed and stopped working. I ordered a new motor and installed it, BUT it still will not work. All other steppers (X Y and Z) work fine. I have tried switching the extruder stepper to the second plug (for dual extrusion) still will not work. The stepper does work since I tried it in my Z position and it functions.
Question is Software or Hardware? and what should I look at?

Thanks for any help


  • Did you test with hot extruder? Extruder will only move if it is hot or you have enabled cold extrusion (M302 S1).
  • You Sir are a Saint

    I have been pulling my hair out on this for weeks, various forums suggested it was the drivers/ the Arduino board etc. Now to find out it was this simple is a relief. I picked this Rostock up used having no experience in 3D printing whatsoever. It worked fine till the clog ad jam then it obviously was operator error.

    Thank you very much
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