BLTouch work for anyone?

I have tried to get my BLTouch working. I have the 3 wire plugged to the min z stop and the 2 wire plug to a 5v inverter hooked to a set of 12v pins on my Zonestar ZRib board.. I have configured my firmware as followed in the youtube tutorial found HERE.

The problem im having is the BLTouch only flashes red continuously when i power my printer up, as soon as its powered up and none of the tests work..

Anyone able to give me some advice? 


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    The 2 wire plug should go to the Z endstop pins, blacg-gnd  white=signal
    The 3 wire plug should go to the servo connector, brown=gnd, red= +5v,  orange=pwm
  • Thank you,, I will have to find out what set of pins are for servo on my zrib board

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