G30 is working but G32 S2 is not.

So to make a long story short I built a gantry style printer and had z probe working just fine and then I decided to reflash the firmware for multiple reasons and now after getting everything set back up I can not get G32 bed leveling to work. The probe will go down and test on spot then come up to probe another spot then shut down cause of an error.

Error: z-probe did not untrigger on repetitive measurement- may need to increase distance.

The other thing is the G30 works just fine.


  • Sounds like you have multiple tests per point. For that there is a second distance that is normally much smaller so you can test faster. The error says that the repeated test did not untrigger z so it wanted to start before probe was low. So increase that distance. If oyu have a bltouch you also need to set a wait before each probe. It takes some ms for the probe to go back to low signal even if you have no bed contact any more.

    You might be on the edge as first points worked.
  • So I checked the firmware settings and zprobe repetitions is set to 1 and I increased retest to 15 from 5 just to make sure and still does the same. Is there any info I can provide that would help with the issue?
  • you have to increase Z_PROBE_SWITCHING_DISTANCE to untrigger safely  try a value around 2

  • I have that set at 5 and it goes up high enough for it to switch. Does it need switch within that distance?
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    what kind of z-probe do you use?
    Z_PROBE_SWITCHING_DISTANCE   should be set a little higher than the distance the z-probe needs to switch

  • It’s just a mechanical switch. Endstops style. I’m not sure of the exact measurement but it’s no more then a few MM.
  • So zprobe pullup was the problem. :/
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