Filament Runout Sensor v0.91 Rambo


I am new to this forum, and not really well versed in firmware guts etc.  However, I would like to set up a filament out sensor on my Rostock (SeeMeCNC V2), that is running the stock firmware from when I first built it,   v0.91 running on a RAMBO 1.2e .  I have spare endstop inputs (e.g. Xmin) that I can use for this purpose and was looking to just have a simple switch detector.     Ideally I am looking for a pause and park, but just pause will be fine too.

Can anyone tell me if this firmware version has any support for it, or will I need to upgrade to some other version.

Thanks in advance,


  • I think jam/filament sensors were added in 0.92 first time. So only solution in 0.91 is to add some c++ code to test a pin and pause it. Alternatively upgrade to stock firmware but then you will use the printer specific modifications, also it would still work as delta printer. Not sure what they have added.
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