Newbie Question - Correct settings to build firmware for Monoprice Select v2?

Hi All, 
I hate to be such a noob but I am trying to determine the proper setup for getting new firmware for my Monoprice Select v2.  I have determined that it is running v0.91 and I would like to upgrade it to at least 0.92 if not 1.0.3.  Primary goal was enabling of thermal shutdown but I am sure there are other benefits too.  The printer seems to be a good starter printer and I am not trying to "brick" the thing.

I was trying to determine the correct settings in the Firmware Configurator ( but without completely disassembling the printer, I am not sure for some of the component questions and wanted to see if anyone had one that worked, warnings I should be aware of, etc.

Here's what I have gathered so far that brought me here:
Send: N312 M115*38
Recv: ok 312
Recv: Printed filament:665.97m Printing time:5 days 18 hours 47 min

I also saw something about M303 but that just ran a bunch of codes back at me.  FYI I am a hardware guy but not a programmer so some of these things are making me stretch a bit.

If anyone has a working profile that I can use for baseline setup that would be appreciated!

I have tweaked my printer settings through the CURA profile and get good consistent results, but not sure if this is part of what I need to incorporate into the new firmware wizard.

Thanks all!


  • BTW this is the current configuration per M503:

    Send: N155 M503*36
    Recv: ok 155
    Recv: EPR:2 75 115200 Baudrate
    Recv: EPR:3 129 665.971 Filament printed [m]
    Recv: EPR:2 125 499659 Printer active [s]
    Recv: EPR:2 79 0 Max. inactive time [ms,0=off]
    Recv: EPR:2 83 360000 Stop stepper after inactivity [ms,0=off]
    Recv: EPR:3 3 80.0000 X-axis steps per mm
    Recv: EPR:3 7 80.0000 Y-axis steps per mm
    Recv: EPR:3 11 405.4591 Z-axis steps per mm
    Recv: EPR:3 15 200.000 X-axis max. feedrate [mm/s]
    Recv: EPR:3 19 200.000 Y-axis max. feedrate [mm/s]
    Recv: EPR:3 23 2.000 Z-axis max. feedrate [mm/s]
    Recv: EPR:3 27 40.000 X-axis homing feedrate [mm/s]
    Recv: EPR:3 31 40.000 Y-axis homing feedrate [mm/s]
    Recv: EPR:3 35 2.000 Z-axis homing feedrate [mm/s]
    Recv: EPR:3 39 20.000 Max. jerk [mm/s]
    Recv: EPR:3 47 0.300 Max. Z-jerk [mm/s]
    Recv: EPR:3 133 0.000 X home pos [mm]
    Recv: EPR:3 137 0.000 Y home pos [mm]
    Recv: EPR:3 141 0.000 Z home pos [mm]
    Recv: EPR:3 145 200.000 X max length [mm]
    Recv: EPR:3 149 200.000 Y max length [mm]
    Recv: EPR:3 153 180.000 Z max length [mm]
    Recv: EPR:3 51 1000.000 X-axis acceleration [mm/s^2]
    Recv: EPR:3 55 1000.000 Y-axis acceleration [mm/s^2]
    Recv: EPR:3 59 100.000 Z-axis acceleration [mm/s^2]
    Recv: EPR:3 63 1000.000 X-axis travel acceleration [mm/s^2]
    Recv: EPR:3 67 1000.000 Y-axis travel acceleration [mm/s^2]
    Recv: EPR:3 71 100.000 Z-axis travel acceleration [mm/s^2]
    Recv: EPR:0 880 0 Autolevel active (1/0)
    Recv: EPR:0 106 0 Bed Heat Manager [0-3]
    Recv: EPR:0 107 255 Bed PID drive max
    Recv: EPR:0 124 80 Bed PID drive min
    Recv: EPR:3 108 196.000 Bed PID P-gain
    Recv: EPR:3 112 33.000 Bed PID I-gain
    Recv: EPR:3 116 290.000 Bed PID D-gain
    Recv: EPR:0 120 255 Bed PID max value [0-255]
    Recv: EPR:3 200 96.000 Extr.1 steps per mm
    Recv: EPR:3 204 50.000 Extr.1 max. feedrate [mm/s]
    Recv: EPR:3 208 20.000 Extr.1 start feedrate [mm/s]
    Recv: EPR:3 212 5000.000 Extr.1 acceleration [mm/s^2]
    Recv: EPR:0 216 3 Extr.1 heat manager [0-3]
    Recv: EPR:0 217 230 Extr.1 PID drive max
    Recv: EPR:0 245 40 Extr.1 PID drive min
    Recv: EPR:3 218 7.0000 Extr.1 PID P-gain/dead-time
    Recv: EPR:3 222 2.0000 Extr.1 PID I-gain
    Recv: EPR:3 226 40.0000 Extr.1 PID D-gain
    Recv: EPR:0 230 255 Extr.1 PID max value [0-255]
    Recv: EPR:2 231 0 Extr.1 X-offset [steps]
    Recv: EPR:2 235 0 Extr.1 Y-offset [steps]
    Recv: EPR:1 239 1 Extr.1 temp. stabilize time [s]
    Recv: EPR:1 250 150 Extr.1 temp. for retraction when heating [C]
    Recv: EPR:1 252 0 Extr.1 distance to retract when heating [mm]
    Recv: EPR:0 254 255 Extr.1 extruder cooler speed [0-255]
  • That is actually not the hardware configuration, just some of the values set like sizes and speeds that you may want to change. What really would help is if you find the original configuration.h of the printer. Since it is GPL the vendor should provide it for download. That file contains all the hard to tell config parts like thermistor type and pin usage. So try to search for that and it is easy to adjust it to latest version.
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