Encoder Jam

I am drawing my extrusor and i'd like to know if is possible or it will be used an encoder (not hall effect ... a true encoder) for the jam function. If is possible ... how many impulses rev can they be used? You can tell me a page with a technical explanation of how this jam function was implemented?


  • Encoder will work also you only need one of the phases. We count steps of extrusion between signal changes. If they increase e.g. to 200% we can slow down extrusion and above 300% increase start filament change.
  • We have the same setup
    with the following settings

    #define EXT0_JAM_PULLUP   true
    #define JAM_METHOD 1
    #define JAM_ACTION 1
    #define JAM_STEPS 160
    #define JAM_SLOWDOWN_STEPS 210
    #define JAM_SLOWDOWN_TO 50
    #define JAM_ERROR_STEPS 260
    #define JAM_MIN_STEPS 10

    When there is jamming the speed goes down to 50% as expected, but when it completely stops extruding it will not go in pause.
    Are we missing something?

  • Action1 should start lcd menu for jam which blocks communication until wizard is finished. Does that happen?
  • We do not have an lcd
  • Then of course nothing will happen. Action 1 is to pause and solve problem on lcd. Use JAM_ACTION 2 and it will send a message to host. Repetier-Server will then pause print and go to filament change. Other hosts may react on the message as well. But it must be the host starting pause so firmware can not block or you could not unblock.
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