Error reading STL file

I recently designed and printed some Fluke meter accessories on my home 3D printer setup, using STL files exported by SolveSpace.  They worked fine, but when I brought the files to work it's giving the error "System.IO.EndOfStreamException: End of stream reached with 80 bytes left to read at RepetierHostExtender.geom.TopoModel.ReadArray(Stream stream, Byte[]data) at RepetierHostExtender.geom.TopoModel.importSTL(String filename, Double scale)".  I just downloaded and installed Host V2.1.3 on my system at work, and I get the same error as they do on the computer running the 3D printer.  Can you offer any suggestions?  The STL files are available at: ; Thanks!


  • That post would probably have made more sense if I had noted that I'm running a previous version on three computers at home (1.9.something...) and they all process the file normally.

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