multiple connection Problems...

Hi everyone,
I have two problems, wich are the following:

1. I get the following Log in Repetier Host:

16:50:08.069 : Serieller Verbindungsfehler:System.IO.Ports.SerialErrorReceivedEventArgs
16:50:09.012 : Printer reset detected - initalizing
16:50:09.012 : start
16:50:09.033 : Detected EEPROM version:19
16:50:09.034 : Free RAM:3001
16:50:09.041 : SelectExtruder:0
16:50:09.041 : FlowMultiply:100
16:50:09.193 : N1 M110*34
16:50:09.193 : N2 M115*36
16:50:09.193 : N3 M105*36
16:50:09.193 : N4 M114*35
16:50:09.215 : ok 1
16:50:09.215 : Unknown command:N1 M0  J0.00 R0.00 L0.00
16:50:09.215 : Error:Wrong checksum
16:50:09.215 : Resend:2
16:50:09.220 : ok
16:50:09.220 : Resend: N2 M115*36
16:50:09.220 : Resend: N3 M105*36
16:50:09.220 : Resend: N4 M114*35
16:50:09.228 : N5 M111 S6*98
16:50:09.228 : N6 T0*60
16:50:09.246 : Error:Wrong checksum
16:50:09.246 : Resend:2
16:50:09.251 : ok
16:50:09.251 : Error:Wrong checksum
16:50:09.251 : Resend:2
16:50:09.256 : ok
16:50:09.256 : Error:Wrong checksum
16:50:09.256 : Resend:2
16:50:09.261 : ok
16:50:09.261 : Error:Wrong checksum
16:50:09.261 : Resend:2
16:50:09.266 : ok
16:50:09.471 : Resend:2
16:50:09.476 : ok
16:50:09.678 : Resend:2
16:50:09.684 : ok
16:50:09.887 : Resend:2
16:50:09.892 : Resend: N2 M115*36
16:50:09.892 : ok
16:50:09.892 : Resend: N3 M105*36
16:50:09.892 : Resend: N4 M114*35
16:50:09.892 : Resend: N5 M111 S6*98
16:50:09.892 : Resend: N6 T0*60
16:50:09.915 : Error:Wrong checksum
16:50:09.915 : Resend:2
16:50:09.920 : ok
16:50:09.920 : skip 4
16:50:09.920 : ok
16:50:09.920 : Error:Wrong checksum
and so on ...

This happens since I updated to version 1.0.2, but swiching back too my old Version (0.92) doesn´t fix the Problem. Just for testing I flashed Marlin on it - with it, I got a connection. 
I already tried diffrent baud-rates from 115200 uptoo 250000. (obviesly I changed the settings in the firmware and in

2. My MKS-TFT-32 doesn´t communicate with my printers board (MKS Gen V1.4)
the display only shows "0°C" for bed and Extruder, I can´t move the axis, heatup the bed or hotend, ... you get the point
this happens since I changed my stepperdrivers (from a4988 to tmc 2208). 
I changed the baudrate here as well - it didn´t help.
I have no Ideas left.

I hope that someone has some usefull Tips for me.


  • On which os is that?
    If linux it could be that an other software is also connected to same port. Since you can see answers the baud rate is more or less ok except
    16:50:09.215 : Unknown command:N1 M0  J0.00 R0.00 L0.00
    indicates that something in sending direction is wrong. Did you try setting protocol to autodetect and firmware repetier?
  • edited September 2018
    I use Windows 10 (64bit) as an os.
    And I also set the protocol+firmware settings too what you said.
    (by the way, all you can see up there happend in around 3 seconds.) 
    Also, im sorry becuse I forgot a more ore less important thing, in configuration.h, at the end i set the baudrate to 115200, in repetir host i had to set it to 128000 in order to get any communication (otherwise I get "18:09:36.725 : Serieller Verbindungsfehler:System.IO.Ports.SerialErrorReceivedEventArgs" like 5-times). <- maybe becuse it´s not stored in eeprom?
    another thing I did, was setting the "reciever cash size" to 63, becuse I read that helps with some boards.

    sorry that the pictures are in German :I

    I also uploaded my current firmware, just in case it helps.

    thanks so far.
  • German is ok, that is my mother tongue:-)
    Serieller Verbindungsfehler:System.IO.Ports.SerialErrorReceivedEventArgs
    Is some error from serial driver, hard to say why. I know it when on other system is using the port I get it, but if not it normally works.

    115200 vs 128000 is a thing that can in deed cause this error rate. Please set firmware to 115200 and EEPROM_MODE to the next number to overwrite old values. No idea what is stored in eeprom but it does not seem to work good and that way you force it to be reset to a new value. Then use same in host and it should work better.
  • My mother tongue is German aswell, but I will keep writing in english, so that other (non German speaking people) can read evrything aswell. :)

    So setting the baudrate like you said and stored in "eeprom set 2" (in my case) fixed the communication, but as soon as I connect my display (mks tft 32) it doesn´t work anymore (that was the case before aswell). With the tft plugged in, I can´t even upload my firmware... Without it, evrything works.

    That is what I get with the display connected:
    15:23:32.533 : Printer reset detected - initalizing
    15:23:32.533 : start
    15:23:32.556 : Detected EEPROM version:19
    15:23:32.556 : Z jerk was too low, setting to 0.71
    15:23:32.556 : Free RAM:3001
    15:23:32.556 : SelectExtruder:0
    15:23:32.556 : FlowMultiply:100
    15:23:32.583 : Printer reset detected - initalizing
    15:23:32.583 : start
    15:23:32.583 : Detected EEPROM version:19
    15:23:32.583 : Z jerk was too low, setting to 0.71
    15:23:32.583 : Free RAM:3001
    15:23:32.583 : SelectExtruder:0
    15:23:32.583 : FlowMultiply:100
    15:23:32.759 : N1 M110*34
    15:23:32.759 : N2 M115*36
    15:23:32.759 : N3 M105*36
    15:23:32.759 : N4 M114*35
    15:23:32.793 : N5 M111 S6*98
    15:23:33.558 : wait
    15:23:34.566 : wait
    15:23:35.574 : wait
    15:23:36.565 : wait
    15:23:36.565 : Warning: Seems like we missed a ok, got a wait - continue sending.
    15:23:36.565 : N6 T0*60
    15:23:36.565 : N7 M80*28
    15:23:36.565 : N8 M105*47
    15:23:36.912 : N9 M105*46
    15:23:37.573 : wait
    15:23:38.565 : wait
    15:23:38.992 : N10 M105*22
    15:23:39.572 : wait
    15:23:40.580 : wait
    15:23:41.572 : wait
    15:23:42.580 : wait
    15:23:42.580 : Warning: Seems like we missed a ok, got a wait - continue sending.
    15:23:42.580 : N11 M105*23
    15:23:43.146 : N12 M105*20
    15:23:43.571 : wait

    The printer doesn´t react to any inputs I give thruh repetier-Host and also doesn´t send any information like temperature back.
    If I try controlling it from the display, nothing hapens ... (the tft doesn´t show temperature either)

    Here is the tft-Firmware I currently use:
    (I can´t upload it here for some reason)

    Anyways, I thank you a lot so far.
  • I don't have a mks tft so I can not say much to that problem. I only know it uses serial connection and latest 1.0.x firmwares can talk to 2 serial connection in parallel. Can you connect pc also to the serial port used by the tft to check that is working? Or how do you connect the mks tft? The tft firmware is closed source and not by us, so if the firmware does not know how to communicate that would be something I can not fix.
  • the tft is connected via a ribbon cable ("with 8 small cables" <- ("mit 8 Adern")). On the board it gets connected to "Aux-1".
    If I unplugg the pc, and only use the display, it also doesn´t work...

    But at least I can print from my pc now..
    Thank you.
  • Sounds like it uses a serial port that has it's pin on aux-1. So you need to activate second serial on the right serial with right baud rate. AVR2560 has 5 serial drivers with 0 being used for usb. So that one would then be one of 1 - 4. 
  • How can I activate that Second serial?
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