Z offset added to X

I have a configuration that houses all the stepper motors in the base.  As the Z axis is increased, the X axis is decreased by the same amount.  I need to add the Z position to the X position to compensate for this.  For example:

Change to X => Add Z to X, update X

Change to Y => Update Y

Change to Z => Add Z to X, update X and Z

Is there an option or possibly a modification that will allow this?


  • You can hack it into V1 if you select coreXZ and change the computations when FAST_COREXY is defined. It is a bit hacky. If you use a supported 32 bit board e.g. RADDS you can already switch to V2, see
    There is a printer type CoreXYZ where you define a matrix for the position->motor mapping so you can simply do it there in configuration.
    Sources are found here
    There is no config tool and it is in heavy development but motion and first extruder already work well.

  • Thanks for the feedback.  You pointed me in the right direction.  My controller is similar to a Melzi running an ATMEGA1284.  As long as the code fits in 128KB, it should be fine.  This gives me hope that this firmware will be the ideal choice for my printer.
  • With melzi you need to go the V1 way. It's not fixed but maybe avr in V2 will only support 2560 version as firmware is quite big.
  • Thanks again.  Unfortunately, 2560 isn't footprint compatible with the 1284, so I can't swap it out.  I'll look closer at the V1 solution.
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