4 axis cnc machine

Hi, Repetier,

I would like to add the 4th axis (rotating) to my cnc-machine based on the Repetier. How can i make the firmware intepritate G0 C90, C45 etc. in the .gcode file with angular movements and make it send it to the motor connected to the E0? Is it even possible?

Thanks in advance!


  • If you define an extruder and allow cold extrusion (M302 S1) maybe with fake thermistor so you do not need one, you can of course use E0 as 4th axis. You could set steps per mm such that it is steps per degree instead then values are angles. Only problem is there is no E homing.

    Another solution at least for due based boards (avr is currently not supported) is using v2 firmware. This firmware also supports a,b,c axis including homing plus extruder. But it is in heave development so configuration may change fast and not everything is currently possible. Main parts missing is z probing and display support. Printing is already possible.
  • Any chance to add one more end switch?
  • In V1 - no. V1 is very specialized which is why we now change the complete firmware to be more flexible, which already allows the extra axis etc. You can of course add a hack to home E as well, but I have no time for this.
  • Okay, thank you. Is there any way to use XYZ max end stop for E0?
    And the second question: so I can not use mks 1.4 with V2 yet? If not, when it will be possible?
  • While you can use X max for something else, there is simply no homing sequence for E axis, that is the main problem.

    No mks 1.4 is avr based and I started developing on 32 bit platform first. I can not really say when I get first 8 bit boards running with it. It is planned once the feature set is complete. Until now there are already some changes in the hardware layer to support the flexible system, but I guess it should be not too hard. So once jam and autoleveling works I guess I will add the reminding hardwares I plan to support. On 8 bit this is avr2560 based boards like mks, but probably not the smaller version with only 128kb flash.
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