Z Axis not moving


I have modified my Wanhao i3 with Ramps 1.4 controlled via octopi and at the actual status of testing everything seems to work except the Z-Axis movement.
The Z-Axis has two motors driven by one controller - in parallel.
When I push in octopi the move up/down button move in Z direction, the motors are activated and holding the postition - the axle is not easy to turn by hand- but possible and the steps can be felt clearly.
When I push in octopi the move up/down button , the terminal shows the message
and no other commands will be executed most of the time - sometimes the motors off command is working but most of the time I need to switch the power off by hand.

I tried to:
- change the controller with other axis - nothing changed
- change the coil A / B connection order - nothing changed ( only more activating noise )
- connect only one of the two motors - but has the same behavior as both together connected.
- checked the endstop - pushed or not - nothing changes
- connected the Y Axis to the Z Axis controller and then the Y Axis shows the same behavior.
- connected one Z Axis motor to the Y Axis controller and it turned !

So I need to change somewhere the Z Axis motor setting same as for X/Y.
I dont know where to find the correct setting to change in the lots of tabs.
I think it's intended to have same setting on all Motors in the FW ?

Thank you in advance !


  • busy:processing just means the command is not finished and firmware is blocking until that command is finished.

    Start with checking the steps per mm and the maximum speed. If you multiply them you get steps per second and that number is limited. Up to 10000 you are always safe, higher frequency need double or quad stepping. But even with quad stepping without extra delays limit is 40000. Also make sure acceleration is low 50-100 works on spindles normally well. See eeprom for the values - they are not necessary the same as in configuration except you copy them with
    to eeprom.

    As long as firmware sends busy I would check the firmware settings. Only when firmware says done and still nothing happens check hardware. My guess is that steps per mm or acceleration or  max. feedrate are not set good.
  • Thank you for your support.

    Because I coudnt beleive the SW issue, I wanted to change the Z driver port to the E0 driver port and recognized that two cables were swapped - the STEP and the DIR. My stepper driver was delivered in with mirrored pins on the PCB, so I needed to use extension wires.
  • Ok so insted of stepping it only switched dir. Ok, that won't move it. 
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