Radds and RepRapDiscount display 12864

Hi, i have one problem in configuration of my display.
I use Arduino Due + Radds + RepRapDiscount display 12864.

I have wired the board and tested ... the wire are correctly connected but ... which version of the display i have to choose?
And then ... i have to replace all the file or just configuration.h?
To compile correctly i need to download library for Arduino software?

Thanks to those who will show me the right 


  • There are no connectors that fit the reprapdiscount display, so are you sure you have that display and not another? The sparkLcd also have 128x64 pixel and fit onto the ports of the RADDS. You will see that they do not have an sd card - the one on radds is used here. The reprapdiscount sd card is made for 5v and uses a level shifter but ardiono due needs 3.3V output. No idea if this would work if you connect these pins. Therefore there is also no out of the box configuration for that combination.

    There is in any case no need to install additional libraries. All required libraries are included in the sources. As long as you only change configuration but use same firmware version, downloading new Configuration.h is all you need to recompile.
  • Yes, I know ... but I already had this display. I welded a connection cable only for lcd and encoder (no sd card). The display also accepts 3.3 volt values ​​...
  • Yes, display only should work but you need to define the pin mapping in displaylist.h for the controller/board combination to get it running. With the 5V from the radds no problem. I think the SparkLCD uses also the same controller just without sd card, so maybe tweaking that display entry instead is easier as i has only settings for radds anyway. RRD entry is the most complex as it supports many boards.
  • Ok, i have buy a Spark Lcd and adapter. do you know if the three smd resistors are to be welded to be used at 3.3 volts? of this lcd there is no documentation !!
  • Not sure as I do not have that adapter. I think you have the one for the display port on the radds? There are some resistors to solve a problem with older radds boards to give them the right state. Newer radds (1.4 or higher I think) have a different level shifter that does not need this. At least I think this is what they were meant for.
  • Ok, but i have due. for the display is not important because it is only output from radds, but for the encoder?
  • however i am disappointed by the sparklab! the price is very high and in the end the product is lower than a Chinese! beyond that the display is just Chinese, but they will only do it and then ok ... but for the price you pay nothing really! the site is only in German and you do not understand anything (in 2018 ... at least one site in English) documentation on the site nothing, documentation sent with LCD ... nothing! but I say ... at least the pinout !! the adapter ... .... two connectors to be welded with corresponding resistors (3) in smd ... the smallest type of course! delivery time ... forget it !! on the site they speak of 14 days but I received the package after 40 days! I send mail to assistance and no one answers. in short ... I do not recommend to anyone !!!!! ... at least they had done the job of welding the connectors ... at least they had used the cables with the same colors of the photos on the site !! go bhe!
  • Solved! I write it if anyone had the same doubts. The resistors must be welded to any radds (they finally answered me by sparklab). for the display there is no problem, the 3.3 volt signals are compatible (read on the datasheet of the display) the 5 volts are only for backlighting! there are no problems for the encoder because the A B signals connected to the 3.3 volt processor go to the gnd. for the connection of the cables I tested with the tester. Everything works, configuration: arduino due + radds + sparklab lcd + adapter.
  • Did you found this:

    Adapter for radds2lcd
  • if I had seen it before!
  • Rossini, thanks for posting this!  I used the download files to make my own cable and get my Due, RADDS and RRD graphics controller working.
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