More speed - quad step?

the quadstep function is not clear to me! I need speed and I'm trying to optimize to get to 200mm / s. I use Arduino2.
The thing is unclear and that if I use the quadStep function I send 4 steps instead of one, but if I understand correctly the 4 steps are multiple ... so I can not send 6 but only 8 12 etc. so not to lose accuracy I have to increase the steps division . .. and so I have not solved anything!

what is the maximum frequency that the firmware can generate the steps using Arduino2?


  • There is no Arduino2 - typical variants are Arduino 2560 or Arduino Due. The 2560 can do around 40000Hz with quadstepping the Due can do 200000 with dual stepping.

    QUad stepping does not mean it is always using 4 pulses. As long as you are slow you have 1 pulse per interrupt call, then 2 and at maximum speed up to 4.  1,2,3 steps are no problem it just condenses up to 4 steps in one interrupt call. So we spare the overhead of the interrupt call and just do some more steps so we in total loose less cpu cycles then calling it 4 times in the interval.
  • Yes ... 2 in italian is ‘due’ ! fantastic, you have been clear! I get it
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