Slic3r PE cost is always 0

When using repetier host 2.1.3 and slic3r PE (1.41.0, but also older versions), but estimated cost is always zero in repetier host.

When using the same profile in slic3r directly, the cost is calculated correctly. So I think that it's a bug of Repetier Host.

Can you guys look into it ? Thanks


  • I guess you mean the output in the log? That comes from slic3r so we can not change that - that is not our software. If you look into gcode at the bottom you will find the right price.
  • Ok, cool :)

    Do you think that you could add those infos in the "Printing statistic" panel in the "print preview" tab? 

  • I think it is too special as it depends on the slicer and settings. Something that often causes confusion. 
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