Adding a 2nd Probe

Is there a simple way to add functionality for another probe to the firmware? It doesn't need to work with the bed-leveling features, I just need it to probe and return a value. I am using the Z probe function (G30) to probe the Z axis. Is there a way to add another G code command (ex G31) to probe the Y axis? Or could I use G30 to command both probes (connected to different pins) and then return both values?


  • You can have a y endstop and home. But there is no function available to measure the distance to an endstop.
  • Yeah I was thinking I would have to either create a new function or edit the existing G30 function so that it runs both probes. I know it's not super simple but seems like it should be doable, just looking for a place to start. 
  • If both would probe in z direction I would make a switch which pin to use for testing and you are done. For the other directions it is much harder as there is no position counter where probe hits a signal.
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