G33 terrible slow. ;)

I recently started to test auto bed leveling again using BLTouch.
CoreXY DIY printer, Repetier Firmware dev latest.
G32 ist working so far using 3 point setup.
But G33 is going up Z 20mm for each test point. As I set a very slow movement for probing and 10 by 10 test points you can imagine it takes ages to finish. :(
Were do I find this 20mm movement during each test point? Is it hard coded somewere cause in web configuration tool I don't find anything this distance in my setup. For first move G32 does the same, going up Z 20mm...but at least not between test points. 

Last not least, the complete G33 procedure is repeated at last 3 times.
So were do I configure these settings for G32/G33?



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    Edit: May be the information about repeating 3 times was wrong, sorry for that. 

    Edit2: Nevermind, I think I did found in source... It's "ZHOME_HEAT_HEIGHT" which kicks in here.
    I will set this to 5 mm and see if it works better
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