The new Repetier Host has a choice of Printer Mode/Laser Mode/CNC Mode. Is there an entry in LCD menu to set it or I just can not find it ? Please help


  • No host does not have this. You need to set it by sending the right commands:

    - M450 - Reports printer mode

    - M451 - Set printer mode to FFF

    - M452 - Set printer mode to laser

    - M453 - Set printer mode to CNC

  • Thank you,Repetier.  I have noticed the menu does not have it. But shouldn't it have it ?  The mode is part of the machine feature as well as any other parameter. To set it I need to keep a PC host constantly connected to the machine. With my printer for example (which proudly uses Repetier firmeware) I dont need a PC host, all is done through menu. Would you kindly consider adding this feature in next version ?
  • V2 will solve this through tools. So you can have 2 extruders and laser tool and selecting the laser tool then automatically switches the mode.
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