Object on "Ex2" only generates gcode for 1st extruder (misses T1)

I use Repetier-Host 2.1.3 but had this issue with all previous versions as well. I slide using Cura.
I have a dual-extruder printer and the slicing and printing work fine* when using it in dual mode. The gcode switches correctly between T0 and T1.

However, if I want to print with Ex2 only (i.e. no object set to use Ex1), the generated gcode misses an initial "T1" instruction. The temperature is correctly set on T1, but the extrusion is done on T0. I have to correct this manually by adding a "T1" gcode instruction before the ";LAYER:0" line in the gcode editor.

*: In fact printing in dual mode is fully OK if at least one element that uses Ex1 touches the bed. If only elements using Ex2 touch the bed, then, again, an initial T1 is missing, i.e. the first layers are extruded using Ex1 instead of Ex2 until the "switching" of T0 and T1 appears in the code. Adding this "T1" instruction manually solves the issue, but it would be much better to make it appear spontaneously.



  • That is a problem with the command line in CuraEngine. The first stl send is for T0 and the second for T1. With only one STL with content this becomes automatically T0. A empty STL send before gets ignored.
  • OK. Thanks for the check and feedback. I keep adapting this manually, then.
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