Bottom and top layer gaps


  • I have gaps in bottom and top layers. I tryied increase extrude amount but don't work very well. I tryied increase flow rate but dont work to. Any ideas?
  • Your idea to increase flow is normally correct. But you should also tell the slicer a doable width. If you have a 0.4mm nozzle you can maybe extrude up to 0.6mm with lower widths for small layer heights. If you want to extrude enough for  0.8mm that might be a problem.

    Eventually you also need to increase temperature so extruder can extrude more when you increase flow.

    In any case you have not enough filament for the planned extrusion so increase steps per mm, flow multiplicator or flow rate or fix slicer extusion width if it is calibrated good or temperature if extruder slips with higher flow.
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