Manual Licence Reset

He guys I'm wondering if a manual license reset could be implemented?

Now the idea seems ripe for abuse but if the system was implemented is a similar way to how Apple allow licenses to be reset for iTunes content that might be an option? 

I think thats 1 manual reset per 365 days per account and any more then that much reach out to support for a reset with a decent explanation. I just think it might be a good idea considering I'm sure you get a few requests about resets.

Or even a sign in page that allows the management of licenses like Simplify3D where they grab a unique ID of the system and log it to a server and the user and kick systems off that they have removed or replaced. 

If the exists already please let me know I've sent an email off for a reset recently because ive been testing a few Raspberry pi configs out and didn't think about this till I was stoped from activation


  • In th elong term this might be a good idea. I could make the license the key and test last reset against a date. Would in deed reduce the number of requests, also they are not that frequent. With 5 activations it takes more errors then most do I guess.
  • I had installed the license on only 2 machines, 1 has been deleted in the meantime. Upgraded to 90.7 today from 90.4 and BaZnGa I got a "Licenses exceeded message".

    You guys might also rework the bit of code on your server that counts to 5....
  • Send an email to our support with license code and we can reset it for you. DO NOT PUBLISH IT HERE!
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