SLS 3D printer: Convert Old Set up top CoreXY issue


I am Trying to make a SLS machine, It is based on the below design:

The point is I am trying to make it in Core XY style instead of the Cartesian, so I upload old configuration.h file and change the machine type to Corexy and download the whole new firmware. the issue that happen is the new firmware, some futures are lost. So I think I must modify the current Cartesian based firmware with out using online tool and manually. My problem is I don't know where and what I must modify. can any body please help me and introduce me references to know Repetier structure more deep and more details? I am not a software or electrician engineer but I think I can learn the minimum requirements and directly apply change only in necessary areas to convert it to core XY.

Any Idea is welcome, Thanks.


  • any help?
  • You should just need to change the printer type to the right corexy system and eventually adjust motor directions so it moves the right direction and adjust resolution. It is factor 1/sqrt(2) or 2 compared to what you might think. That should be all you need to switch between cartesian and core xy.

    What features are you missing?
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