ADVI3 FW, printer display shows IPv6 while idle, Sebatian from ADVI says its from Repetier

Is this true?  Does the source of this data at the very bottom of the screen while idle come from repetier?  I could not find any way to modify this, change to ipv4 or any reference to this in the repetier docs.  I don't think that is the case but I could be wrong.  I know repetier injects info into gcode while printing but I didn't think it could modify the display at idle.


  • If you use Repetier-Server to communicate it will send the ip at startup to printer. This is useful for users having a headless server and do not know the ip they got, so we use the printers display. Normally it shows the first IPv4 address it finds. Check server dashboard for known IPs. Maybe there is no IPv4 visible.
  • Thanks for the fast reply.   I have attached what I see, IPv4 is there.
  • Which one did it show?

    Can you send manually


    and see what it then writes. My guess is that wlan wasn't up when it send the ip so it used the ipv6 from eth0.
  • So I rebooted the PI running server and it is displaying IPv4 again.  So this behavior will occur when the LAN is down while repetier server is loading?  I did  take my hotspot down for a bit and the pi would have had no WLAN for a bit.  How often does server check and update the display?  Or is it just on boot?

  • It is only once on connecting the printer. Or when you send @getip manually to update the display.
  • roger that, i'll keep that in mind thanks again.

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