Relative/Absolute setting for extrude distance?

Today I noticed my one printer of mine was only being sent repeating extrude commands  from the manual server interface. 

Kept sending  G1 E14 F150, and it never incremented the E value as the button was pressed. Almost seemed as if it assumed the printer was expecting relative extrusion distances. 

I restarted the server with no change. 

I couldn't find a setting anywhere to alter this to the usual behavior. I eventually reinstalled the server and it worked normally again. This was after upgrading to 0.90.4

Is there a setting I missed somewhere? Is there a better way to fix this in the future? 



  • The server analyses the communication and therefore knows what mode extruder is in, assuming absolute mode at startup. I have to check, but a explicit command to set absolute extrusion that gets send on connect might help.
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