Not displaying filament line after retraction

Under some very specific cases, though not uncommon, the print preview is skipping displaying filament lines after a retraction.  I'm using:
  - Windows 10
  - Repetier-Host V2.1.3
  - Slic3r Version 1.3.1-dev

A simplified/modified specific case is with the following G-Code:
G1 E3.67906 ;other stuff actually did this...
G1 X158.315 Y138.087
G1 X141.710 Y138.087 E4.67111
G1 E2.671110033988 ; error with E2.671110033988 no error with E2.671110033989
G92 E0
G1 X136.999 Y138.625
G1 E2.00000
G1 X119.605 Y138.625 E2.80697 ; DISPLAY ERROR (sometimes)
G1 X119.605 Y137.550 E2.85683
If I rewrite this without the "G92 E0" to reset the extruder position, but retaining the relative value, this error no longer occurs (at least in this specific case).


  • Thanks for the great error sample. Made it easy to debug the problem. As i see it is a conflict with another special case of undo retract with extra distance that could cause graphic glitches from this. Exactly this caused this error converting the first error extrusion move into a undo retraction move that is not visible.

    I have extended the detection routine to handle this case correctly while keeping the original intention intact. Will be fixed in the next update.
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