Copy ~ Duplicate Selection from server.


I have a Stacker S2 printer that has two print heads, to print from the second print head I have to select copy mode in the firmware (printer LCD menu). Is it possible to do this from the server menu from the web portal?



  • Sure, it is the same as this gcode:
    - M280 S<mode> - Set ditto printing mode. mode: 0 = off, 1 = 1 extra extruder, 2 = 2 extra extruder, 3 = 3 extra extruders

    M280 S1 ; Turn on
    M280 S0 ; Turn off

    You can make gcode script to set it on and of in printer configuration. Then it appears in the drop down for commands in manual control and console. Or just add it to gcode or send it over console.
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