Manually add e3D PT-100 to a SeeMeCNC branch of repetier

I recently installed a PT-100 sensor on my Rostock MAX printer and am having trouble updating the firmware to recognize it. I know the first thing that is going to get suggested is to just use the Online configuration tool. I already did, it works perfect and recognized the PT-100 instantly... The problem is my printer has a manufacter specific accelerometer board it uses to level the bed. So, I either have a printer with working autocalibration, or I have a printer with a working temp sensor. I figured it would be easier to just cut and paste the needed code for the PT-100 out of the 1.0.2 firmware into my printers current firmware, but I'm completely not sure: 

A). Where/which file to find it.
B.) What exactly I need to copy.

Basically i just need it so the Config.h file is actually finding "EXT0_TEMPSENSOR_TYPE 13" in, I'm assuming, the Extruder.cpp file)?

The other option would be to get the new firmware to be able to use my accelerometer board in it's built bed leveling setup.  I'm guessing that would be a good deal more complicated, but maybe I'm wrong.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!  



  • Easiest ist to copy Extruder.cpp code to vendor version. Search for case 13: and copy these parts until break; I think that is all you need.
  • I ended up getting it to work by cut and pasting a table I found elsewhere into the thermistor table 1 spot, and setting type to 1 in the config.h file. It's working ok (temp within .3 degrees of target or so after a PID autotune), but I know it was within .1 degrees and a lot less spikey on the 1.0.2 firmware, which makes me think it's using a better data set on that firmware.

    I tried copying the whole extruder.cpp file over and that didn't work at all. Must be lot's of differences between the two.  I can only find two instances of "case 13" in the file. One is commented as E3D PT-100 and I haven't a clue where else it comes into play or which table it refers back too. I can see where case 97, 98, and 99 come into play in the generic tables, but don't really see any other case's referenced in the 1-15 tables, so I'm not exactly sure how the program knows what  table is associated with which type.  My Vendor version only goes up to table 12. Is the PT-100 Table 13? If I just copy table 13 and the two case 13's over, would that get the PT-100 working when set to type 13?
  • Yes, it is just a extra table at index 12 (starting at 0 so 13th entry). 
    Maybe your 0.92 doe snot as much temperature smoothing or it is the better PID controller in 1.0.x.
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