Heated Chamber/Enclosure/Housing

Hey folks, I need your help.

I have a cartesian printer with Radds, Repetier Firmware, RepetierServerPro and a housing.
Now i want to control the temperature inside the enclosure.
Somewhere here, i read, that i have to use a second extruder.

My problems is, that i cannot find a description or a thread, where it is described how the extruder1 should be defined exactly, so I can active the heat chamber curve in RepetierServer.

I hope you can help me with my problem.


  • If you follow the on-line configuration tool on the Features page there is a section for a thermistor controlled fan. Is that what you need?
  • The extruder solution is just adding a new extrude rin config tool. Choose any stepper you want. Heater is the chamber heater and sensor is enclosure temp. sensor. You do not use the extruder actively but with M104 T1 S60 you can for example set it to 60°C. Also looking at the temp. curve of extruder 2 you see the curve. Server also shows the extruder s you can set temperatures in the interface. Just do not make it active.

    In Rokos solution you have no extra heater. The bed would heat the chamber. Then you can use a thermocontrolled fan to reduce the temperature in case it gets hotter then wanted.
  • @Repetier
    Thanks , I had not considered he might want to heat it, I was thinking of just keeping it cooled to a certain temp.
  • Thank you guys!
    I guess i can use both of your methods you mentioned, to obtain a temperature range between for example 40°C-45°C.
    I can heat the chamber with M104 T1 S40 and if the chamber gets too hot i can cool it with the thermocontrolled fan at 45°.
    I will try this solution in the next days!
  • I can confirm, that this solution is working for me quiet well!
    But it is pretty annoying that i have to upload a new Firmware to change the Temperatur for the thermocontrolled fan, which depends if i print PLA oder ABS.
    Perhaps we can get a smoother solution in further releases.
  •  M460 X<minTemp> Y<maxTemp> : Set temperature range for thermo controlled fan

    use this to config your fan max temperature in slicer file.

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