HELP!! I don't know which configuration I shall change.

Hi, So We are new to 3D printing and for this semester we were task to create a 3D printer which in our case a Delta 3d printer from old salvage electronic scraps and junk, but we got pretty decent stepper motors and got RAMPS 1.4 online. We have tried MK4DUO and Marlin firmware but we found more luck at Repetier firmware and Host but we got stuck at this part.

Yes were actually printing on 1 side, 


  • First go to printer Settings->Printer shape and scroll down and disable the demo model (Show Printer Model). This is mor efor vendors or if you design your printer as stl, otherwise just leave it off so view looks better.

    The circle is the print area you use for delta printers, so place the object in the center of it (should be there after loading anyway) and slice.
  • Thanks for this, Sorry for asking dumb question

    Were currently hitting Error: Apos x square
  • You get that error if you try to move to a illegal position that is physical not reachable. That causes illegal values in equations and the error message is the result. Normally this happens if distance from center is too big meaning exceeding the horizontal radius.
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