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Hi, Repetier,

I am using MKS gen 1.4 motherboard with reprap discount smart controller. I would like to add custom, keyboard, consisting of 6 separate NO buttons, in order to control my printer movements manually. I am having a trouble, making this alive... In uiconfig.h i add this:

#define UI_HAS_KEYS 1

void uiInitKeys() {
#if UI_HAS_KEYS!=0


void uiCheckKeys(uint16_t &action) {
#if UI_HAS_KEYS!=0
 UI_KEYS_BUTTON_HIGH(1, UI_ACTION_Z_UP); // push button, connects gnd to pin


I connect button correctly, but nothing happens even when i change ui_action (e.g. UI_ACTION_HOME_ALL) and button pin. Need your help!
Thanks in advance!

Best regards, Nikita


  • uiconfig.h is only used if you define to use a user defined display. In all other cases it will be ignored. Especially if you have a display you need to find the part in DisplayList and extend the init and check function there.

    I also doubt that pin 1 is correct. 0/1 are the serial connector pins. Make sure it is the arduino pin of the pin.
  • I am sorry, but i can't find such part for my Display.. 
  • Where should i search for it?
  • See you value for FEATURE_CONTROLLER and in DisplayList.h you have lines like


    You need to find the one with the value of your feature controller or with a symbol that stands for the name. Here the list for 8 bit controller:

    2 or CONTROLLER_SMARTRAMPS = Smartcontroller from reprapdiscount on a RAMPS or RUMBA board

    3 or CONTROLLER_ADAFRUIT = Adafruit RGB controller

    4 or CONTROLLER_FOLTYN = Foltyn 3DMaster with display attached

    5 or CONTROLLER_VIKI = ViKi LCD - Check pin configuration in ui.h for feature controller 5!!! sd card disabled by default!

    6 or CONTROLLER_MEGATRONIC = ReprapWorld Keypad / LCD, predefined pins for Megatronics v2.0 and RAMPS 1.4. Please check if you have used the defined pin layout in ui.h.

    7 or CONTROLLER_RADDS = RADDS Extension Port

    8 or CONTROLLER_PIBOT20X4 = PiBot Display/Controller extension with 20x4 character display

    9 or CONTROLLER_PIBOT16X2 = PiBot Display/Controller extension with 16x2 character display

    10 or CONTROLLER_GADGETS3D_SHIELD = Gadgets3D shield on RAMPS 1.4, see http://reprap.org/wiki/RAMPS_1.3/1.4_GADGETS3D_Shield_with_Panel

    11 or CONTROLLER_REPRAPDISCOUNT_GLCD = RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller

    12 or CONTROLLER_FELIX = FELIXPrinters Controller

    13 or CONTROLLER_RAMBO = SeeMeCNC Display on Rambo (ORION)

    14 or CONTROLLER_OPENHARDWARE_LCD2004 = OpenHardware.co.za LCD2004 V2014

    15 or CONTROLLER_SANGUINOLOLU_PANELOLU2 = Sanguinololu + Panelolu2

    16 or CONTROLLER_GAMEDUINO2 (in development)


    18 or CONTROLLER_GATE_3NOVATICA Gate Controller from 3Novatica

    21 or CONTROLLER_VIKI2 Panucatt VIKI2 graphic lcd

    24 or CONTROLLER_ZONESTAR = Zonestar P802M with LCD 20x4 and 5 ADC button keypad


    26 or CONTROLLER_AZSMZ_12864 

    405 or CONTROLLER_FELIX_DUE Felix LCD für due based board

    27 or CONTROLLER_REPRAPWORLD_GLCD = ReprapWorld Graphical LCD

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