How to adjust Delta Radius?


So I have a HE3D K280 printer and I am nearly done calibrating but I noticed that whenever I move 20-30mm from the center, the hotend curves downward like a dome. I've found a possible solution here where
  • correct for bowl/dome shape by adjusting the DELTA_RADIUS parameter 

and "DELTA_RADIUS increase for dome shape and decrease for bowl shape. The center (0,0) height will remain the same and the height at the outer positions will increase/decrease" . 

Problem is, whenever I go to EEPROM settings, I see "Delta_radius A(0). Delta_radius B(0) Delta_radius C(0)". 

How would I fix this problem? 


  • Don't change these. The correct one is named horizontal radis or something like that. The ABC indicate that these are per column corrections from the set value.

    You might also change diagonal length. The dome/bump you describe comes from ratio diagonal length/horizontal radius. Diagonal has also the influence to change xy size so if geometry is too big/small you need to change the diagonal. On the other side diagonal is quite easy to measure so normally that is the known value and horizontal radius is unknown.
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