Z homeing problem with 3dtouch bed probe

I all :)
I have been breaking my head the last 3 days. I have purchased a 3dtouch bede level sensor. So far seems to woork: in repetier host I can issue g code commands to make the probe pin go up, down and entr in self test mode and release the alarm.
The I configured the formaware (version 1.0.2) following the instructions the the ovdeo posted here by pidgeon. I still have not gotten t the part of doing the bed levelling mapping. But as a first step i tried to do a simple Z home. And it is here where I have a weird behaviour: when I do Z home, first I get a x and Y homeing (I already read this is how it is meant to be), then extrder goes to the middle of my bed (also meant to be done like this), and then the noozle goes down till the probe is triggered and then it goes up like 10MM. But then instead of jsut stoping at Z = 0, the struder goes (quickly) to the X0 Y0 position and at the same time going down. I have to make an emergency stop here because if not noozle will crash against a screw that actually sits at 0,0 (one of the bed screws).
Why the extruder is moveing to 0,0,0? I cant find in formware where this behaviour is controlled. I just want to do a Z home in ay place and that the nozzle just stay there.
I have atached my confiration.h file
Thanks in advance for the help


  • From your description, it is doing everything correct.
    I had the same problem with 0,0 being right where the bed screw is situated,i got around it by resetting 0,0 so it is located away from the screw, you loose a couple mm of print surface but it saves damaging the nozzle.

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    That is ok???? But the how do I do teh calibration of the sensor/noozle distance? I need to home Z in order calibrate the offset, there is no way to make a Zhome in other part of the bed? And no... I will loose more than a couple mms, I will loose almost 10 mm, that turns my 20cms bed into a 19... and for a safe print that in reality would be like 18, and if I want ABS print... But this behaviour is not what it is seen in pidgeon video....

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