Print problems

After a few problems I have Repetier up and running.
I calibrsted the extruder.
but when I go to print, the nozzle raises as it moves to the bed centre, but it does not got down again, so it is printing in mid air, no way can I get to lower enough. It is not becase of the endstop because that is not triggered.
Also the extruder gives a click and seems to want to back off.


  • First test G28 and then G1 Z0 and see where your nozzle ends up. If it is higher then you expect the homing is wrong. Use M114 to ask firmware what it thinks at which position it is. If it reports Z=0 then it will in deed not lower.
  • Thanks for the info.
    I have it now  printing to a fashion, how I did it was probable unconventional but it worked.
    I put in the start Gcode G1 Z0.1, that allowed me to lower the hotend, and I have set an offset of 1.8, but I still have to control it further.
    From what I am seeing I think my main problem is extrusion.
    I have a Bowden setup,I let the filament run in the tube and it goes to the measurement set, but as soon as it goes through the nozzle the problems begin.
    I extrude 100 and it extrude a few mil the the extruder backs off as though it is retracting, I am bearly getting half the required amount, yet when it is printing I am getting a build up of filament around the nozzle.. I have tried adjusting the extrusion multiplier but that has not helped. 
  • Be careful when using manual extrusion. Filament needs to heat up so extruder at 1-2mm/s. Bowden is like a spring. At beginning you compress it and if at some point the pressure is too big for the motor force it pushes back rotating motor backwards until motor power catches up. At low print speed this should not happen at faster speeds it might happen an is no error. If it also does not work at low speed temperature might be too low or motor force is set too low.

    For homing problem check eeprom bed coating to be 0. When do you get the 1.8mm extra? Is it already after G1 Z0? What would M114 tell as position then? If it is directly too high you need to set trigger point of z min endstop deeper.
  • Don't forget under the RH main screen: Config - Printer - Printer  You can set the manual extrusion speeds, normal and fast. It might help with calibration.
  • Thanks for the help along the way Guys, I have managed to get Marlin to  compile, so will be working with that
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