Old Question

I have this recurrent issue, so I wanna definitly learn:

When I configure, manually, configuration.h, then I compile and uploaded to the board. everything is ok but a lot of time I found new values are not taken and old values still are there, working.

I upload the new  configuration useing the arduino ID. After upload finishes: Do i have to issue a M502 command, THEN M500 command? What I want to do is to completly delete old values and upload new ones just to be sure the configuration that is working is what I changed and not some old value messing around.


  • Yes, uploading does not over write the old vakues in the eeprom so you can either upload and then do M502 M500
    or before uploading i prefer to run the 'clear eeprom' script in the arduino files folder,then the new values will be uploaded.

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