Tronxy X5S with RADDS 1.5 Board

Hi all,

i'm a Repetier Newbie, i have at the Moment 3 3D-Printers, one CR-10 with original Firmware, one optimized Loxcess Printer with Marlin and the newest one is an Tronxy X5S with RADDS 1.5 Board.

The Drivers are the DRV8825, while i have read there are problems with the TMC2130 Drivers.

Is there a Basic CoreXY Firmware that i can use for my Tronxy X5S, or must i start from Scratch and test it by Try and Error?

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  • At least we do not have sample configs for it. So setting the drive system to corexy and find the right combination of drive system and motor direction would be faster then waiting for a user having a config exactly for this printer.
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    i know, there are many configurations for many printers, but i have think that there are a place where anybody can find a firmware, that will fit or maybe fit there Hardware Configurations.

  • Don't know about such a place. We want to add such thing in the future. So far I think google might be the best chance to fast find a corexy config and then tweak it to your board/hardware.
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