Bed height map problem

Hello guys, I'm new to the 3D printing world. I have a He3D delta K200 printer and I'm trying to calibrate it, I'm following the video tutorial, but I can't get the bed height map thing working, neither the correction matrix. When I try to measure the bed height map, I get a couple of 0, the problem is that my printer is moving more than it should. For example if I set the X to 50 and -50, the printer moves up to 70 on the X axis, so maybe that's why I get some 0, how can I fix this?


  • Your steps per mm seem to be too high if you get such a difference. The Bed height map only works for repetier-firmware, so check if that is on your printer if you use it. Also always have a good look at the log so you see what is going on. You need to start height map when you are close to bed but not triggering with z probe. Also coordinates need to be inside the bed circle and be reachable with z probe (which does this with added z probe offset)
  • I think the problem is the printer not getting right what x:0 and y:0 is. This is the values I get from trying to do the bed height map.
    X: -20,00 -6,67 6,67 20,00 y:20,00 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00 y:6,67 11,09 0,00 0,00 0,00 y:-6,67 11,23 11,36 11,52 0,00 y:-20,00 11,21 11,38 11,60 0,00
    20:31:55.950 : Z-probe:10.63 X:-32.79 Y:-23.99 20:31:56.471 : Z-probe:11.21 X:-19.45 Y:-23.99 20:31:57.003 : Z-probe:11.38 X:-6.11 Y:-23.99 20:31:57.540 : Z-probe:11.60 X:7.22 Y:-23.99 20:31:58.705 : Z-probe:11.09 X:-32.77 Y:-10.65 20:31:59.234 : Z-probe:11.23 X:-19.45 Y:-10.65 20:31:59.766 : Z-probe:11.36 X:-6.11 Y:-10.65 20:32:00.329 : Z-probe:11.52 X:7.22 Y:-10.65 20:32:01.473 : Z-probe:11.09 X:-32.78 Y:2.69 20:32:01.997 : Z-probe:11.18 X:-19.44 Y:2.69 20:32:02.528 : Z-probe:11.34 X:-6.10 Y:2.69 20:32:03.062 : Z-probe:11.49 X:7.22 Y:2.69 20:32:04.228 : Z-probe:11.11 X:-32.78 Y:16.01 20:32:04.756 : Z-probe:11.21 X:-19.45 Y:16.01 20:32:05.292 : Z-probe:11.34 X:-6.11 Y:16.01 20:32:05.827 : Z-probe:11.48 X:7.23 Y:16.01
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