Zonestar Melzi_V3B Board ( Anet A8 DIY ) Firmware Update

Hi All,

Please excuse me I am very new to 3D printing. I need help with updating/upgrading my firmware.

When I switch on the printer the screen displays the following details: ( screen has 5 button controller on )

ZoneStar 3D Print

On the board itself it says Zonestar Melzi_V3B.

I have done some physical alterations to the printer like upgrading the Power supply to Corsair VS450 ATX power supply with an on/off switch on the front of the printer. And I put LED lights on with its own on/off switch.

I would say the bed dimensions is 220/220 and hight aprox 200-220.

If there is someone with some patience that could assist me I would be very greatfull.

Thank you in advance.


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