How can I disable SD support? - SOLVED

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Hi there,

I try to enable auto bed leveling for my Zonestar P802-MHS with the 8 bit Melzi board.

I read many posts here about how people manage to squeeze "FEATURE_Z_PROBE" and "FEATURE_AUTOLEVEL" into the firmware without hitting storage limits. But I do fail at it.
I can only make it happen with disabling EEPROM which is not so smart I guess.

So please, how do I create a firmware that has enough storage left by disabling SD support?

I guess I should add that I already did the following:

Disable "Enable arc support (G2/G3)"

Disable "Enable sd support. Gets overwritten by ui-controller or board settings."

Disable additional languages

Disable menu animations

I can see from my now working firmware without "FEATURE_AUTOLEVEL" that although the "Enable sd support. Gets overwritten by ui-controller or board settings." was unchecked, the menu gives me the SD card options.

So I have strong hopes that I am a victim of the "Gets overwritten by ui-controller or board settings" part. But I fail to understand what I need to do to get rid of the SD feature.

Please help :)

Well, I couldnt stop thinking about this and I ended up remembering that I have "MOTHERBOARD == 63". So I checked the pins.h file and found a "#define SDSUPPORT 1  // sd card reader on board" right below it. After disabling the SDSUPPORT in the 63 section of the pins.h my firmware compiles.

Thanks, hope my mumblings can help someone :)

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