PanelDue 7i

Is there support for this screen? If so how do I use it, I cannot find it in the list of screens in interface options on the configurator.


  • What is the difference between panel due and panel due 7i? The panel due is supported but it communicates on it‘s own with firmware, so you need to compile firmware with xml support and best with 2 serial ports so you can connect one to the panel. Do not enable ui - panel due has it’s own code for display, also it is not 100% perfect but should work. But first check if 7i is just like the normal panel due.
  • it is its just all in one board now I think that's the difference  I am guessing but i think I stands for integrated.  ok so to clarify I need to select no display and compile the paneldue firmware to it.  2 serial ports?  please explain that.  I understood it as I just hook up to the 4 pin on my RADDS board.   sorry my life has been hectic the last few years and I was unable to play with my hobbies for awhile so I am aware I am using older hardware but I want to get my delta working again and use it for awhile before I buy anything new.  at the moment I am having trouble just setting up the firmware to get the printer to even move let alone display anything. but I will figure this out I hope.   I digress.  to stay on topic where do I find the right firmware for the display and please explain the 2 serial port thing if you would.  and not 100% perfect?  is there something wrong with it? and thank you for being available to read my posts
  • Display shoild come with fimrware otherwise you find it on their homepage.

    A due has 2 serial ports and you can configure repetier firmware to have 2 serial ports. So you have one for the panel due and one to connect to a host.
  • host?  like a pc or pi or server?  is the need for all this communicating the not 100% part.  I can see interference happening we are not talking about supercomputers here these are very slow boards even by decade old pc standards  but they do work well for the application of running a printer.  ok for now I will see what I can do I need to find some free time in the next few days and at that point I will understand the issues I face going forward.  thank you for your guidance thus far and im sure I will be back with some more questions.
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